Daylight or a Train? Setting sights on C of O

This update will be brief, but we are getting close. The septic field finally, finally got started in earnest and is waiting on an inspection before it can be covered and graded.  Inspector is expected Monday and that chapter should finally be closed by Wednesday. The final grading around the house will be in place then as well.

Much is getting finished and wrapped up.


We got final approval for plumbing and HVAC, somehow. The inspector came by when there was a lot still incomplete and we can’t believe that it passed. While it is nice to have the sticker, it creates a problem because there are glaring omissions. The upstairs bathroom sink isn’t even connected! We are creating punch lists and will sacrifice our final building inspection if we have to to make sure the plumber and HVAC contractor finish up. We have had multiple problems with them as well. It is going to be a very interesting Monday site meeting.

Wish us luck this week.


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