Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go: More Finishing Touches, Still No Septic

So much work happened in the house this past week. The floor install is all finished except the staircase, the trim and door install went wonderfully and is finished, and the countertops in the bathrooms and kitchen were installed.

The field has dried out finally but the septic field work has not begun. Our contractor for that work has a tendency to accept a lot of work at once, and with everything and everyone delayed by the rain we have to chase him down a bit. I am hoping that will get accomplished in the next week. Once that begins, the final install of plumbing fixtures, appliances in the kitchen, and furnace and AC can wrap up. Hopefully we’ll see an end date soon.

As usual, you’ll find more information on the pictures in their captions and descriptions, just click on the picture. Before I dive in, here are those baby robins that were ugly little blind chicks in my last post, but as of writing this one, have fully fledged and left the nest. To discourage the parents from raising additional broods to poop on my brick, we knocked the nest down once the bird had flown the nest.

T and I picked out the flooring a long time ago, and it is great to see it installed. I cannot understate how beautifully it turned out. Bob and his crew of installers from Richmond Interiors have done a wonderful job. I do not hesitate to recommend them fully. Again, the flooring is fossilized eucalyptus in “mocha” finish fom Cali Bamboo.

If you recall from our last post, we have a new finish carpenter and he was wonderful. Chris D’Angelo from D’Angelo Finish Carpentry was the answer to my prayers. He was professional, kind, quick, and his work just is beautifully executed. Our house presents all sorts of challenges and he came up with ready solutions to any of the hiccups. He really went above and beyond and his price was more than reasonable. If you have any sort of finish carpentry you need done, you cannot go wrong with him.

The bathroom countertops were installed and though we got what I think are pretty basic tops, they look nice and were installed quickly and easily. This finishes up the work that Carolynns Cabinets in Armada were responsible for. The sinks are set in place at the moment but will be installed shortly with the rest of the plumbing fixtures.

T has set most of the appliances in their respective places to get them out of the way. Full installation of them is still to come, but it is nice to see how they fit. I was a little bummed to not be able to find an all-refrigerator in our price range that came in white, but I have a plan to cover most of that stainless steel exterior in a custom cut whiteboard, so it will be hidden eventually, at least for the most part. Having the fridge and freezer separate was a big thing on my list as well, and with most undercounter freezers being astronomically expensive, I found a medical freezer built in model at a much more reasonable cost.

The kitchen countertop install was another big moment. The recycled glass countertop, the GEOS line from EOS surfaces really appealed to us for its purported ease of care and sturdiness. It is offered in a thinner surface than most countertops, at 2mm. The color we chose is called “Kona” and it is only available in our area through the Home Depot. It has bits of brown and amber glass in an off white substrate. A distinct nod to our homebrewing hobby, and it looks fantastic with the white cabinets and dark brown tile floors. The center island will be ash butcher block wood, and we are installing that ourselves.

That wraps us up for the week. I have also been furiously trying to plan the large deck that will go over the walk out area, and think I have a bit of a handle on it. It is a large project that we planned to have someone execute for us, but as I work out the design, we might just be able to do it ourselves with a little help from our friends. We have definitely decided that we will be tableing that project for later, with the exception of the slab that will be installed. Disabling a couple of doors (one in the living room and one in the solarium) should still allow us to get C of O.


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