C’mon Let’s Vogue: AKA More Framing

This week the T-blocking and studs on the outer dome were completed. There are open triangles where the windows are going to go and the framing of the first floor within the dome is done. Now we can “walk through” the rooms and our almost-three year old M delights in saying “I am standing in the library!  I’m standing in the closet! I am standing in mama and dada’s room!,” etc etc.

Looking forward to next week when the two Timberline standard extensions and the built to suit kitchen extension get framed out. The kitchen extension we wanted to have straight walls, instead of a gambrel-style roofline, so it was up to our GC and carpenter to figure out exactly how to make it work. We have been stretching our contractors’ brains with this house from the beginning, and that running theme continues.

With the temporary platform removed and the second floor deck nearly complete, you can really start to see through the skeleton of the house to get a sense of how it will all come together.

We are praying that the weather holds for the next few weeks and the fall rains don’t come too early. It looks like Florence is contented to savage the southeast coast and doesn’t seem to be throwing too much weather this far north. That said, we are preparing this weekend by placing as much of the lumber under tarps and getting the garage kit materials in the greenhouse, where it will remain until next spring when we tackle the garage build ourselves.

Below is a walkthrough video of the first floor.


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