Rain Rain Go Away: a Week or More of Wet

One of the first things anyone who builds houses will tell you, or should tell you, is that your house will get rained upon before it is roofed. In Michigan and similar climates it just remains a fact of life for site-built houses. Our builder John was sure to warn us, and we are of course aware that a little rain is not ruinous to our house’s structure.

Knowing those things is one thing. Seeing the water pour down on the bones of your house and have there be nothing you can do about it is a whole other thing. A thing that makes stress knots form in your back muscles and threatens to shorten the tempers of even the most even-keeled of owners.

This has been my reality for the last week: cursing every rain drop and every day that goes by without a roof. This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass. Remember to breathe. Try not to think of the rain too much (as it drips drips down incessantly). Other than stressing to our team of builders how much we need this roof on and communicating clearly and frequently with them, there only remains to trust, pray, and pursue purposeful distractions.

This week and the tail end of last week that distraction has been cabinets. Though our area is having a shortage of skilled trades, there are many many options for cabinets locally. Earlier in the process I had met with quite a few, trying to find someone that could give us the cabinets we wanted. Specifically, we wanted powder coated white doors. No paint. No thermofoil. I wanted basically the exact same style and finish of cabinets that was in our previous residence (a condo). Apparently that finish and style have gone out of favor in the industry. I finally found a local supplier of Smart Cabinetry, which has an optional powder coat brilliant white finish in a simple door style. I will say that the cabinet makers that I dealt with in my quest were all pretty helpful and bent over backward to try to get what I wanted, they just didn’t have the finish I wanted.

Why powder coated? Simply put, I am really hard on my kitchen. We also have wee ones. I wanted white and also wanted to be able to scrub the dickens out of them. I wanted scuff proof, fade proof, spill proof, and steam proof cabinets. I never want to have to refinish them in my lifetime. Painted cabinet doors just would. Not. Do.

When I finally found the Smart Cabinets and the local supplier, it was time to dive into the spec book. It is intensive but oh so satisfying to pick out exactly the kitchen you want. No upper cabinets above the counter tops? Check! Giant wall of floor to ceiling cabinets to hold all the things and display my china and glassware? Check! Humongous 6×4 center island? Checkity Check! Selections are in to the ladies at Carolynn’s Cabinets in Armada and soon the images of the plans will be back from them. Looking forward to seeing if it matches my mind’s eye.

In addition to working on the kitchen and cabinet plans, the 3 year old and I went to pick up some milk and pet some calves today at Crooked Creek Dairy. Talk about a mood lightener. Moo!


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