As the Leaves Turn Golden: The road to enclosing

Roofing Progress1
Progress picture on the roofing.

It has been a little while since my last post. My husband and I, as well as our builder, carpenter, and now the roofer, have been scurrying around solving problems. When everything holds its place in sequence, any delay in a decision or solution can be very hard to swallow.  So far, at this point, the issues have been solved. Until we find the next of course.

Hurdles we have leapt in the last few weeks have included: Resolving a couple of wrong window sizes that were placed in the print, moving window framing down to meet egress, sorting out how to meet egress on windows we couldn’t move down, replacing some missing custom flashing for the triangular windows, and a few more on the fly design decisions and hurried trips to the hardware/lumber store for last minute vents and such that had to go through the roof.

As it stands, we are so very close to having her (the house) protected against the ever hastening winter weather. We had a good luck with a spate of nice weather mid month so our roofing crew could work. They have done a very pretty job so far. It is amazing to see how the roof changes the look of the house. The windows and doors are going in this week and into next, and I am so looking forward to getting the inside of the house dried out. Weather and luck are both fickle, so we had a lot of rain this past weekend, and some more heading our way, so there will be more water before the enclosing is complete.

Inside, the second floor framing is complete, with only the half wall on the balcony left. My husband and father-in-law are doing the electrical work, and that is well on its way in the basement.

Now we have a flood of decisions to make. Fixtures, appliances, lighting, oh my! It is always a bit of a struggle to reconcile T’s preferred style with mine. I tend toward traditional/farmhouse/European and he edges closer to the Scandinavian ascetic. He is amazingly supportive of letting me have my way most of the time. Some of it follows from the fact that I am laying the technical stuff on his lap almost entirely. The heating, cooling, and other utility questions he has to make almost on his own. Divide and conquer!

For the next couple of weeks we will still be laser focused on what is necessary to complete the roofing and the rest of the enclosure items, and then we can take a deep breath and get ready for what I consider to be the fun part.


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