Rough Approved: Little Stickers of Happiness

Finally! The rough inspections for everything have been completed. The engineering fixes were installed and the large amount of rough electrical work got finished. What a relief.

We now have a bit of an over-engineered beam in the basement but compared with what was in place, I’ll take a living room that I can park a tank in any day. The kitchen beam is in as well as the missing one in the cellar. Stomping encouraged upstairs!

As soon as we got the go-ahead from the inspector we gave the insulators their green light. Due to the complex stud pattern in the dome we picked closed cell spray in expanding foam. It should seal the house well and make it as efficient to heat and cool as possible. The very cold recent temps have made it difficult for the foam to expand, but luckily with our temporary furnace in the house the team was able to start.

Unfortunately the weather has made it impossible for the bricklayers to do much work outside so the brick remains unfinished. Hopefully this will change soon and the exterior (minus the decks) can be finished.

As soon as the insulation is complete, the plywood on the dome surface inside and the drywall on the vertical surfaces will begin.

We are so happy to finally be over the hump and on to what the house finishes are going to be.

exterior back view



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